Liberty (The Sound of You and Me)

You’re caught up in your own traffic jam
You’re in the need of someone to come work a
Miracle for you
To come see you through

And time has left you scarred
You feel like you’re about to break apart
But now it’s time to open up the doors
You’re not taking anymore

This is the shout of liberty
It’s the sound of your heartbeat
See us dancing in the streets
This is the sound of you and me

Losing track of time
You’re worried that you’re gonna fall behind
But I know that it’s all goin be ok
‘Cause hope will find a way

I will be your shelter through the fire and the storm
Your love will be my cover when the nights are getting cold
‘Cause you’re the beating of my heart, and I’m the breath you breathe
When you’re caught up in the darkness there’s a sound to set you free

©2008Copyright Christian Hesselberg. Admin.HMP/Blue Valley Records
©2008Copyright Hanif Williams.Admin.Kobalt Music Group


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