All I’d Ever Want

How could it be
We’ve fallen so deep
I’ve messed it  up
Now all I’ve got
Is just the memory

We’ve come through the fire
And fought through the rain
Walked through the struggles together
I thought that wouldn’t change
Tell me what’s wrong cause

All I’d ever want was you
And all you’d ever want was me
Together we needed no one else

And you were everything to me
And I was the one that you’d need
And nothing could stop us in all the earth

I’ve got to get back
Back to the start
I wanna break down these walls that keep tearing us apart
Tell me where we’ve gone cause

It’s not over
We’re not over
I’m not letting go
Stay here with me,
Listen to me
I still need you here

©2008Copyright Christian Hesselberg. Admin. HMP/Blue Valley Records
©2008Copyright Hanif Williams.Admin.Kobalt Music Group


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